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What are IP Security Cameras?

IP surveillance is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). In an IP surveillance system, an IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP network.

Digitization offers a number of benefits over traditional analogue Security cameras, including:

  • Improved search capability.
  • Greater ease of use.
  • Better quality images and no degradation of content over time.
  • The ability to record and play simultaneously.
  • The ability to compress content for improved storage.

Adding networking capability to digital CCTV provides additional benefits, including:

  • Improved ability for remote viewing and control. Anyone on the network can potentially see video from any camera connected to the network
  • Greater ease of distribution. An image of a crime suspect, for example, can be immediately distributed to officials.
  • The ability to connect to email and other communications systems so that alerts can be sent automatically.

There is a growing industry trend towards replacing analogue Security cameras with IP camera surveillance systems.

Reasons I Should Use Security Cameras in My Business

There are a number of reasons a business may choose to install a CCTV system.

1-Theft deterrent both from customers and staff. Hospitality NZ estimates that for every staff member you employ you should allow about five thousand a year in losses. The other side of the coin is that CCTV can also provide security to staff as it shows their honest actions

2- Staff training review how staff interact with customers

3- Health & Safety provide clear evidence of any incidents and review existing practices

4- Planning use the images to inform you of when the store is busy and when not, how do customers move around the store and where do they linger.

5- Time savings multiple locations, use the ability to remote view via the internet live images from the stores rather than running from store to store

These days Megapixel IP cameras are cost effective and reliable, installing a new system or upgrading an older one doesn’t have to break the bank. Finance options available.