Earthquake Warning System

In several countries like Taiwan, India, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, USA and New Zealand, the use of the cost-effective P-wave based Palert system provides timely and accurate information enabling  answers to important questions and  pre & post earthquake related issues for businesses and infrastructure providers. An  Earthquake warning with even just a few seconds notice of a shock wave, using the Palert system, can help

The specially developed and scientifically proven algorithm make the Palert unique in earthquake prewarning which is why over 3,500 have now been installed worldwide. Many businesses need to know what the effect of an earthquake is on their infrastructure. With just 3 units the system can also accurately indicate the structural health of a building after a major quake.

To mitigate Health & safety risk, companies can provide warning for their staff and visitors of earthquakes before the shock wave arrives using the Palert system. In addition, they can automatically activate emergency procedures such as shutting down systems in the event of a pending quake.

During the quake the system records the effect of the earthquake on your building and after can provide evidence based data informing you of the structural effect on your specific site or building